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Creations From The Heart LLC

Nefertiti Yoni Polish

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Nefertiti is a gentle yoni polish made with clay, our famous infused yoni oil, kokum butter, and other non pore clogging ingredients to leave your most intimate areas feeling soft, fresh, and well polished.


• Nefertiti Infused Yoni Oil - is said to help with inflammation and reduce bacteria

• Kokum Butter - is said to have amazing moisturizing qualities without clogging your pores
• Rose Hydrosol - is full of antioxidants and is said to soothe skin irritation and treat infections
• Turmeric Powder - is an anti-inflammatory that is said to help reduces scars                                                                                                                • Kaolin Clay - cleanses and detoxifies, remove dead skin cells, and deeply cleanses pores

Kokum Butter, Olivem1000, Herb 
Infused Almond Oil, Sugar, Glycerin, Rose Hydrosol, Rose Essential Oil, Turmeric Powder, Pink Mica Powder, Kaolin Clay, Non Nano Zinc Oxide, and Optiphen Plus

Size 4oz 

Apply a desired amount and rub in circular motions then rinse with warm water. Follow up with our Yoni Serum. This can be applied to the labia and outer vulva areas. DO NOT USE INSIDE VAGINA