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Creations From The Heart

Classic King Bar Sap

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New edition to the Classic Man Collection, are our Classic King Bar Soap. This is a deep cleansing soap made for the Kings in your life. Charcoal gives the soap an extra boost to the lather’s natural cleansing power, helping to absorb and draw out oils and impurities from the skin.It has a signature blend of jasmine, sage, lavender, and eucalyptus essential oils. This body bar can be used as a 2 in 1 soap for face and body. 


Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate, Activated Charcoal, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Safflower Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil, Sage Essential Oil, and Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

The Creation:

Jasmine - has anti-bacterial properties, soothing to dry skin, and is said to increase cell turnover

Eucalyptus - has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been said to help reduce acne flare-ups

Lavender - highly anti-inflammatory, is known to help treat acne.

Activated Charcoal - has been known to draw bacteria, chemicals, and dirt to the surface of the skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion

Sage - is said to eliminate toxins, reduce the appearance of blemishes, and reduce skin irritation


Batch 1 Ready Date:  16 June 22