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Creations From The Heart LLC


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Sore Muscles or low energy? It’s time to boost your magnesium levels with our pure, organic magnesium lotion. Restoring healthy magnesium levels works wonders for many different things. Applying magnesium topically is safe and convenient. Food for thought, 80% of people suffer from magnesium deficiency. Magnesium performs a wide array of biological functions.


Our all natural magnesium lotion is perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy the benefits of magnesium using a lotion made with only the purest, most natural ingredients.


Our everyday diet is deficient in magnesium. It is very easy to supplement with magnesium, and topically treatment (magnesium absorbed through the skin) is the safest and most effect method of supplementation. With this method, magnesium enters the bloodstream and tissues quickly.


Our magnesium lotion contains only the purest, most natural ingredients. It does not contain any synthetic waxes or emulsifiers, just simple, pure ingredients that you can easily recognize. Because of the pure, natural ingredients, and because it is a handmade product, the constancy of this organic magnesium lotion can vary slightly from batch to batch. The consistency of this magnesium lotion tends to vary a bit seasonally. During the cooler spring, fall, and winter months, it is creamier consistency. During warm summer months, it is more like a gel consistency.

Ingredients:Organic Cocoa butter|organic mango butter|Magnesium oil|Vegetable glycerin|BTMS25| essential oil,Preservative


Chamomile and Lavender

Jasmine and Vanilla